morning breeze . . .
a candle flame
flickers still

learning curve —
a repeat offender
finds his path


fish weigh-in . . .
the sea's iridescence
tips the scales


idly, a sparrow
deposits its daily stool
on my bread


how profound!
a river flowers
through the night

winter moon—
loneliness blossoms
a river


autumn moon
outgoing seas strip bare
my shadow


darkly through
a looking glass . . .
godly fire


last supper —
from olive eyes
moonlight seeps


the duck
behind the duck


autumn layoffs —
a skeleton staff
tests the locks


with and without
the waxing moon —


stealing sleep
from an empty tomb —
morning dew


ancient pond . . .
shafts of moonlight angling
through the depths


haiku feast —
the sound of one pen


curtain call
a fledgling teeters
in the wings


third hour . . .
death crackles
in shock


well water
washes my feet —
rising mist


dew fall . . .
my thoughts cling still
to what I knew


late snow!
in this delirium
who dances?