seen through the end
of seems
go wordless!
rain swallows up
winter rain —
the space I am
still mine
a dark night —
the sound of space
without vowels
wintry sea
from beyond the stars 
a dark tide
step by step 
my shadow anchors me
to the earth
it is all
so black and white —
where the void?
evening walk —
my particle horizon
presses the void
after sleep
the jigsaw pieces
fit again
winter's end
light pulls back
to the surface
I breathe
my emptiness
into winter
frozen there 
in the grave's slot
my waste of words
winter moon
out in the desolation
a wind picks up
winter rain —
familiar spirits
haunt my words
mangrove roots —
the ins and outs
of despair
a blur . . .
how tell the wings
from the bird?
eyeless in Gaza 
all gone, all ever loved
at one fell swoop
barren sky —
did I ever
night sea
a notebook of debris
floats away
shell shocked coast —
we decipher wormtraces
by failing light