low cloud
my mind enters
its limits
torpid sun
the shadow of me 
bends to my will
unborn babe,
do you breathe also
your absence?
darkness wavers
at its lowest ebb
solstice night
9pm and still
the sun's light
advent ends—
an unapproachable light
enters the tent
blessed be he
who gives his blessings
the light he sees
in the mud of the mundane
shall be his inheritance
boxing day
my eyes squint between
here and now
longer days— 
my eyes zero in on
the milky way
crackling ice— 
vapour infused gin
cools the sun
first cicada—
a lawnmower competes
in the distance
hissing light—
the sound of darkness
on the street

for God's sake
                          turn out

     the lights

lights out—
what word is left
for this?
rats dog,                      god star,
evil emit reviled           deliver time live
live morf                      from evil

year's end where the world is