summer clouds tower
from the orchestra pit —
woodwind section

stillness —
a humid night thickens
in my head

the last quarter
not given

tuareg dusk
a caravan of clouds
from the west

summer haiku
yawning doggerel
sprawls the page

lingering heat . . .
eyes close to sustain
the sunset

night vision —
the same empty page
soaks up light

the other —
my shadow bridges 
its abyss
cold war —
the rehearsal of
a button press
end of summer —
what spectres bubble
from the mud pool?
to this end
the twists and turns
of her finger
before Charon
summer ends
thunder hive
a taste of honey
from the rock
bumper harvest time —
a rich man plans bigger barns
to hoard his excess
almost there
the sprouting of green
on the stalk
Huysmans' tortoise . . .
a hip-hop pimp hobbling
under guilt
in the bowl
a wailing madonna's
pregnancy tissue
summer heat
a burrito brays
after itself
lenten vows
on her ring finger
a bagel
my unicode
built for two