earth mother:
the you I once knew
now my dream

at sunset
a sea anemone
sucks in her blush

from my pen
an hallucination
of loose ends

so few words —
the dewfall most acute
in its vanishing

twilit beach
in the undertow
of silence

hear it!
the Lord's Prayer read
from a seashell

organo-intellectual compost bins

this and that consensual haikucide

nature just being its ultimate ontology

ashen wind —
all the mis-spent words
in my tongue

the wind
tearing up the eyes
mine beheld

this book
yielding the breath
of beyond

with these words
the void

leafless tree
how lifeless the dance
this winter

night storm —
nameless trees flash
up the valley

a chill solace of endless stars

eyes closed so prolong the night

within it
the page of tundra
yellows too

winter beach —
an albatross asks
'who moved?'

winter beach —
the welcoming walls
of an open grave