#1 - found
lost and found
candlelight flickers
over her
#2 - fence
between here
and the fence post
static whispers
#3 - fox
in this world
neither a foxhole
nor a nest
#4 - finch
on the wing
a twitter a halfinch
from my finger
#5 - flood
rising stream —
ancient archetypes
haunt my words
#6 - free
string theory —
a fly shakes free
from the web
#7 - fire
breath cloud —
at last my words
take fire
#8 - fork
parting ways
between two streetlights
my shadows
#9 - face
death mask —
the smile so beguiling
as if it knew
#10 flat
thunder struck
the sky billows up
in B-flat major
#11 free
free verse poet
her paper dress unfolds
before me
#12 fog
river fog —
a chiaroscuro of self
word by word
#13 full
the sea change
at full fathom five
through his eyes
#14 flag
autumn flag
the bones of Hone Heke
rattle away
#15 fruit
still falling
the fig-leafed flesh
of its fruit
#16 foot
unmeasured space
the sound of foot-falls
in the yard
#17 -- flea
secret tryst
my blood with hers
in the flea
#18 -- fade
by moonlight
the almostness
of her kiss
#19 -- follow
fallow field
our bodies follow
the seasons
#20 -- frog
frogpond —
a critic dissects
the haiku
#21 -- first
the sound of it
before it ceased to exist —
a big bang
#22 -- focus
a star
out of focus
out of itself
#23 -- float
the dark drift
of a floating point
between galaxies
#24 -- fly
winter sport —
the cries of the poor
to wanton boys
#25 -- fish
breaking fast —
the nets cast out
for new seas
#26 -- field
distant voice
in a potter's field
of dreams
#27 -- flock
fruit-stripped tree —
a flock of lambs gambol
to their slaughter
#28 -- feather
a baptism
of three white feathers
in my hair
#29 -- friend
in the storm
an orphan drawing
friendly fire
#30 -- fin
still the same
in French