scented night —
a moth enters the hush
between stars


soundless by starlight —
the poet sipping darkness
from a mirror's eyes


losing heart
a loss of words
fills the air


first light
the fall from it
all around


last cicada . . .
the silence crackles
around it


lenten retreat . . .
a sparrow cocks its head
into silence


this morning
the open window
of her eyes . . .
I emerge from darkness
with gold-flecked wings

cattails - May 2014

drawn out scrawl
of a late cicada
on the canvas

across the score
a cicada's
last note

Ash Wednesday —
a first rain dampens
graveside dust

hush . . .
a leaf is loosening
its grip

pre-born moon —
the sea swells up
in darkness

death march!
first quarter moon
in autumn

autumn sky
darkness enters
the leaves

river fog . . .
the heart of darkness

drone of cicadas . . .
shopping mall

star stream . . .
the road within

after love
moonlight blurs
our edges

summer idyll —
a wild strawberry bobs
on her belly

Gaudete Sunday —
the ciborium so full
within the darkness