wind change —
morning passes by
belly up

autumn dawns —
all the absence
still to be

from beyond
a candle flickers
with beyond

almsgiving —
solar panels reflect
the night moon

autumn decay . . .
I measure the half life
of her smile

no birth cry
from the surgical bowl:
bitter spring

nevernight —
somewhere a bird calls
or not

bloodbeat moon —
ancestral visions writhe
through the rap

bloodbeat moon —
a haka breaks down

the light
enough of it now
to be a tree

rustic morn —
from suburban oaks
leaves unleaf

lenten reflection —
dusk smudges the horizon
into the garden

splitting the scales of sky homebound waders

a stillness stalks
the shadows

blood shimmer —
the necromancy
of old tides

can image now
what remains

a fetus
in all its fury
swims its wake

birth scream!
the soft susurration
of a cannula

autumn harvest —
a demi-god sucks life
from its source

moon blossom —
another bull shits
its aha