spring storm . . .
my roots, how deep 
do they go?
spring deluge
terror takes on
my son's name
what bird is that
singing of light
yet to be?
cosmic tide—
between coming 
and going
chaos theory . . .
a verb edges between 
subject and object
Nanking bet—
a hundred heads roll
their eyes
the melodrama
of sea and sky
behold him!
a desolate beach
being born
touchstone moon
enlightenment pales
under it
on her stillness
the disfigurement
of a fly's shadow
On Basho's death day -
cold drizzle . . .
dreams splutter upon
the master's lips
On William Blake's death day -
heaven and hell . . .
forgotten gods mouth off
from the human breast
On Richard Wright's death day -
spring wind
bringing back something
beyond recall
bread and wine . . .
a reluctant earth 
offers thanks
mantra rhythm
rattling peas 
in a pod
autumn deepens . . .
all the candlelight
aflame within
such stillness!
sun-shifting shadows
move the pine