headlong spring — 
what words to part meaning
from the song?
an apple
here in hiding
nothing more
noonday demon
my longings define
their form
light enters
the delirium
of the now
the fog
of the familiar
trips my lips
spring trickles
through the hieroglyphs
of belonging
losing heart
a loss of words
fills the air
fire curl —
a poem's orgasm
of pain
now and then
death with a life
of its own
soundless by starlight —
the poet sipping darkness
from a mirror's eyes
old man pine —
fire comes into
its own
spring pathos —
a poem strains against
its string of words
dewspring light
awake once more
to a once world
long white cloud . . .
how much more lonely
must we become?
with nothing
in reach, a stick insect
holds fire
drunken wind . . .
a willow flails
at nothingness
keeping watch
sky travellers redress
the balance
five eyes . . .
I avoid winking
at the moon
keystone cop —
impeach blossoms
litter my path
an albatross
drowns in the absence
of a before