April 2016

cherry blossoms –
a cool cat reformulates
the familiar

in a rut
a haiku caterwauls
for its mate

autumn sea –
a Maui's dolphin skirts
the sixth extinction

season of fog
and mould'ring fruitfulness . . .
what sound my song now?

skylark song
gone now – a bird


morning fog
I feel my way through
past, present or future

light takes on
an overtone
of words

morning mass –
light presses down
as manna

light relief from dawn to dusk

rustic moon –
my hidden self leaves
the city

the moon
within a sliver
of shadow

moon charmed
the Kaipara harbours
God's presence

a butterfly
not a leaf left
by the wind

turbulent mist—
all that is to become
lost in becoming