March 2016

autumn light
mountains solidify
into view
Lent deepens –
will stones stave off
this hunger?
Lenten light –
I see by it now 
what I am not
the breakdown
of platitudes
by daylight
by starlight
the quintessential
dawns in sleep
are those
cicada's singing
swan songs?
on the horizon 
colour folds into 
foggy cape
an albatross broods
the cliffs

where tribes clashed wails wind through the blood

in darkness
birds trill towards
what's still to come


a moth enters my waiting



while still new
on the compost heap
rot sets in
at its end
the beginning
of the end
at long last
where the buck stops
mountain spring
moonless night
the centre everywhere
without relief
earth the consistency of departures
locked away
the sparkle in the eye
of an ancestor's image
all at sea
an old salt defies
the stars
until her smile
just a universe
fear of what?
this manic extinction
of darkness