#1 - Metadata
hear the hiss
underpin my choice
of words
#2 - Truculent
on edge
my pen tip at odds
with my words
#3 - Gestalt
in waves
the ocean cupped 
in her hands
#4 - Extinct
fear of what?
this manic extinction
of darkness
#5 - Catalyst
until her smile
just a universe
#6 - Freethinker
all at sea
an old salt defies
the stars
#7 - Seclusion
locked away
the sparkle in the eye
of an ancestor's image
#8 - Impermanent
earth the consistency of departures
#9 - Spatial
moonless night
the centre everywhere
without relief
#10 - Hierarchy
at long last
where the buck stops
mountain spring
#11 - Absolute
at its end
the beginning
of the end
#12 - Organic
while still new
on the compost heap
rot sets in
#13 - Murky
a water weed
feels its way through