May 2016

this –
our body

back to this
greenness bleeding
down each leaf

name be damned
the russet of leaves
in the wind

all at once
the rain
until now

by candle-light
words fall further than
               where we end

without the moon
I take a leaf out of
Basho's book

leafless now
a transplant seeks out
its roots

autumn leaves
           each day adazzle
     in doubt

birth of stars –
the sky means nothing
in seeming blue

dark autumn –
decay deepens its hold
over me

in leaf tones
the warmth of company
all but gone

hippo poto
monstro sesquippedalio

failing light –
mine is the darkness
that shadows me

after a shit
how did my forebears
come clean?

night thunder . . .
ancestral bodies
warm me still

words remain

in time
flashes of night

without light alone lingers

deep night:
the heartbeat also
is mine

overwhelmed with
more of it