clear water rises 
on the other side of shadow 
the reflection                         CB

cows idle home for milking 
under herringbone clouds     HT

about to burst 
with bells and whistles 
plum blossoms                      JB 

the wind slowly strips  
paint from the fence              CB 

on her phone 
the tweenie moons over        
a boy band                           HT 

beyond a reasonable doubt 
his paramour's ring tone      JB 

articles of a faith  
overrun with brambles 
chapel swallows                  CB 

flies swarm across my timeline 
in the heat of the moment    HT 

on the gridiron 
a streaker 
trips and falls                        JB 

honkytonk sunset 
the drifter sips his rye          CB 

russet tones 
gather at the edges 
of ripeness                          HT 

hooked on opioids 
fish pond moon                   JB 

the tide's withdrawal 
a lifeless reef                      CB 

a dot hangs about 
without an i                         HT 

watch your Ps and Qs 
on that first date 
#metoo                               JB  

a single drop of blood 
adorns the cactus spine    CB 

beauty sleeps 
deep under the mud 
ashen rose                         HT 

departing geese 
muddy streaks across the sky JB 

a trail of ants 
Coltrane's solo flies 
off the page                        CB 

apple blossoms fall upon
a serpentine advent

new year's eve . . .
a caterpillar lingers
over its food

frog haiku torn open to suggestion

conclave smoke
rising from a cardinal's

stone cold light on a feather

past its peak
Taranaki loses
its last snow

karaoke bars
a drunken muse

old gargoyle
her eyes give away
what croaks hide

face to face
desolate beaches
laid bare

ill at ease
my eyes continue to roam
my dreaming mind

percussive sun
must get stoned

the fire
of birdsong
in a day's embers

po marie
I bury my words
in te reo

at the end
of all my wandering
clear cascades

southern star
a procession of monks
through the abbey

solstice dusk
a kitten silences
the cicada

my lineage
weathers into my face
autumn testament

post mortem
the hedonist hits
his dead-end

ta moko
a koru unfurls
though my blood

face to face
with my reflection
on mercy