“A haiku is not a poem, it is not literature; it is a hand beckoning, a door half-opened, a mirror wiped clean. It is a way of returning to nature, to our moon nature, our cherry blossom nature, our falling leaf nature, in short, to our Buddha nature.” - R.H. Blyth


February 1, 2017 daily writing prompt: HAIKU (write a serious haiku ABOUT haiku, which is hard to do well).

at Izumo
we survive with Borges
on haiku
February 2, 2017 daily writing prompt: IS (write about existence itself, or the existence of something, but don’t use the word “is” in your poem).

I am now
in your third person
also present
February 3, 2017 daily writing prompt: A (yes, just this letter of the alphabet—where will it take you? a what? or something starting with a?).

just a bird . . .
the indefinite article
obscures this wren
February 4, 2017 daily writing prompt: HAND.

helping hands
on a huddled child . . .
desert storm
February 5, 2017 daily writing prompt: BECKONING.

wind willows
"come hither" along
the stream
February 6, 2017 daily writing prompt: A DOOR.

a door ring . . .
my apotheosis
in its sound
February 7, 2017 daily writing prompt: HALF.

the moon sheds
a half life
February 8, 2017 daily writing prompt: OPENED.

wind scent
a half-opened rose
February 9, 2017 daily writing prompt: A MIRROR.

sewer pond —
the mirror clears for
a fourth turning
February 10, 2017 daily writing prompt: WIPED.

face to face
with pine and bamboo
minds wiped clean
February 11, 2017 daily writing prompt: CLEAN.

my reflection
clean-shaven in the dew
when life was spring
February 12, 2017 daily writing prompt: IT (use this word in your poem, but try not to say what “it” is).

pine lesson
it is what
it is not

it lessens
its meaning
over time

all at sea —
it drifts without
a context

old it—
an it jumps in
the it of it

something is
without a reference
to fill it

it fades
over the time
it takes
February 13, 2017 daily writing prompt: IS (use this specific word in your poem, but try to be wary of introducing too much judgment into the poem).

grassy field
vibrant with
wind's isness
February 14, 2017 daily writing prompt: A WAY OF (either fill in a word after “of” or write a poem about a “way” of some kind).

tomb echo —
a way of hearing
her silence
February 15, 2017 daily writing prompt: RETURNING TO (what have you often returned to in life, or would you like to return to?).

summer sloth
a dog returns to
its own vomit
February 16, 2017 daily writing prompt: NATURE (write about something natural rather than human-made that you can see right now).

as never seen
February 17, 2017 daily writing prompt: MOON.

all this and still Murtha's moon
February 18, 2017 daily writing prompt: NATURE (again, but something you’ve experienced in another season rather than this one).

balmy night
my spirit yields to
its moon nature
February 19, 2017 daily writing prompt: CHERRY BLOSSOM (also, the submission period for this year’s Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational runs from March 1 to June 1).

bored to death
with cherry blossoms
Issa's snail

February 20, 2017 daily writing prompt: NATURE (yet again, but this time think of something seasonal that’s unique or special where you live).

stones sweat out
incessant cicadas
summer coda
February 21, 2017 daily writing prompt: FALLING.

future falling
wind and water follow
a parting leaf
February 22, 2017 daily writing prompt: LEAF.

a sleeping dog
drools a leaf
at the end of summer
February 23, 2017 daily writing prompt: NATURE (once more, but think of human nature this time)

true to my nature
I craft haiku that wane
with this month's moon
February 24, 2017 daily writing prompt: IN SHORT (write a very brief/minimal haiku).

February 25, 2017 daily writing prompt: TO (write a poem in which you use the word “to”).

to go back
to the beginning
the moon also wanes
February 26, 2017 daily writing prompt: OUR (our what? see where that will take you, and try to use “our” in your poem).

hour by hour
becoming ours
February 27, 2017 daily writing prompt: BUDDHA.

summer cools . . .
all the dead Buddhas
left outside
February 28, 2017 daily writing prompt: NATURE (yet again—whatever you want to write about from the natural word, and try to keep it a pure-nature poem).

sultry sun
a last dragon cloud
wisps away

all day long
Lake Ratapiko laps
a summer lament

shrove tuesday
my whakapapa stacked
against me

no moon tonight
for my words to muse on
bare-faced death

just an apple
beneath a tree

all about

finale — 
the wind mumbles on
about bees

the slow swell
of ripeness into

just this once
and no other

acid reign
morphing words into
the one ring

within Salome's
seven veils

birth cry
the silence around
these words

quiet now
flesh felt scent

morning light
is my awakening
again stillborn

still unborn
the weight of light
in his coffin

trailing off
in a whisper of wish
summer clouds

breathing out
words of consecration
breathed out

all the words
ever uttered
tidal flats

toon world . . .
Mickey and Donald
take the cake

(post US Trump/Pence inauguration)

dark is life
dark is death
das lied
von der erde

(after Gustav Mahler)