on solid ground
my eyes circumnavigate

spring greeting —
my echo awaits
my response

narcissus . . .
the truth that lies
in her eyes
Remember Man
Is September always the cruellest month? The inexorable path plotted towards the vernal equinox. Hiruhirama (antipodean Jerusalem). Pine and midges pollinate the air. Breath-bruised now and at the hour of our death. Memory and desire. Dull roots of absence quickened with spring rain. Self-emptying breath. Throat strangled. Incoming wind choked off in an almost wordless stridor. "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani!" 
southern cross
evening shadows clutch
a handful of dust
Focal Point
Living things are defined by their ability to eat, move, reproduce, excrete, sense, breathe, and grow. How many have to be taken off this list before I lose definition?
twilight mist
hang about

here now
the absence i personalised

here today
and gone tomorrow
this hiatus
remote valley
pylons empowered
stride the hills
spring days
stretching out
the light
requiem mass
no objectivism
in this grief

death in spring —
clouds clot horizons
closing in

her myrrh
embalms in words
a moment

blossoms all sprung out

all Greek to spring the scapegoat's song

without a thought i step out of this ism