without a second thought an ar-15

without a second thought the nra

without a second thought platitudes

wheel spokes of ar-15s

a circle of ar-15s shoot at the centre

an ar-15 shoots off its mouth

right to mouth off the nra

an ar-15 because i can

open carry platitudes poured on tap

life you're fired

morning constitutional right to kill

nra empowering your inner darkness since 1871

another round of spent shells of prayers and condolences

blackberrying a human stain

stillborn words
unmarked graves enfold
a mute silence

summer grasses
i fall out of step
with my breath

morning mass
i make my peace
with stillness

twilight sounds . . .
my haiku's stillbirth
cuts to the quick

the deceased
in the photograph
also smoking

autumn testament
turned over and over
a leaf's afterlife

slow death on the installment plan

greatness fossil-fuelled by terracide