A Play on Words


OT: I don't think I'm here.
BA: [After reflection.] Nor I. [Pause.] Ot!
OT: Yes.
BA: The moment has forgotten us.
OT: There’re no more moments.
BA: We’ve lost the moment.
OT: When?
BA: It was right here yesterday.
OT: [Elegiac] Ah yesterday!
BA: One of us could write something.
OT: Make it present.
BA: Always in the present.
OT: Like now and then?
BA: The moment before we lost it.
OT: Yes! Like a haiku.
BA: Haiku and similes don't mix.
OT: No metaphors.
BA: We learn from the pine.
OT: Hear its isness.
BA: The lily in itself.
OT: Out of the water?
BA: Out of itself.
OT: The moment when we lost it.
BA: When it forgot us.
OT: Lost in the sound of water.
BA: Everything changes.
OT: Images.
BA: Words for images.
OT: Tried and trivialised to death.


hidden depths secreted from the pores