19 Scrutinies Of A Corvid Nature

viral in its alpha
and in its omega
Crow's darker side

the verb "to be"
Crow marches on

2019 novel
Crow covets another's
dystopian theme

Crow recomposes
Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus
in his own image

dead by daylight
Crow gives away
the game

Crow eyeballs the soul
leaving the body

knowing the final chapter
Crow breaches quarantine
blacker than ever

fed up with life
Crow empties his bowels
onto a wet market

been there, done that
Crow recites his litany
of first causes

in Trump's world
Crow never changes
his mourning attire

with just caws
Crow plagues the living daylights
out of all who heed him

bare-faced lies
Crow shuns all masks
of giving a damn

one of 13 black birds
Crow gorges himself
on his nature

Crow's credo
faith in him is caught
not taught

obsidian cross
Crow reflects on his fame
for the masses

a black death
Crow divides himself
by zero

mocking Stevens
Crow goose-steps through the snow
to die alone

drawn and quartered
Crow tunes humankind up
for the end of time

change of climate
Crow strings up the white flag
of himself