plucked clean
the plumage of
into a river
the dark matter
between stars
the space of thought
on the ground
a squirrel carcass
fills out 
its own shadow
not quite real
lightning and thunder
while we chat
in sea roar
eyes distilling
for this world
a leaf and its tree
drift apart
my daughter!
for this moment
none younger
morning fog —
the flesh of shadows
cast by words
midnight sojourn
tap tap tapping
hidden springs
of bobbing boats
to the moon
ahh! wide eyes —
the bubble of a word
on a baby's lips
moon, hill, mist . . .
I am 
what I conceal
colonial fall —
every man jack
on his knees
shining cuckoo —
manifest destiny
on the prowl
star night —
just words mapping
the 'I'
word spell . . .
leaves conjure bird song
calling my name
secret room . . .
my shadow merges
into me
mid-autumn light —
from retrospective paintings
colour rustling
the weight
of softening rocks
at dusk
to the sea
the gathering rush
of the many

lights out —
shadows on the street
divining stars

EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2015 The Year of Light