with a start
the first haiku
of the month
that above!
is that the limit
of dreams?
summer dreams:
all that remains
not yet grey
her slip ...
the susurrus 
of her lips
cold snap
what's left of warmth
in embers 
oh! the words that do escape
hang too long in the air
left over
from far brighter days
an apple core
deeper into winter
the heat pump hums for me
ordinary time:
I bite into the death
that sustains me
into a winter night
headless chickens
drone whine:
is this too
a song?
slug slime
the daily examen
of my path
losing flavour
all the salt licked
from my wounds
all the trees 
tucking elegies
into dark wings
so few words
how much of all this
can they take?
the silence:
school bells tolling 
early death
more than one
nail holes hammered through
tree shadows
a bell tolls
in sympathy
with its age
climate change
a butterfly
a haiku yet
after successive
her sari
coiling the wormhole
of our origin
frost after noon
the scent of otherness
closes around
what is this
that seeps through the gaps
in the chant?