baby babble . . .
neon words crawl across
an urban sprawl
screw loose sir?
a hooker's invitation
into madness
silver-tongued dawn
a  hatchling opens its eyes
to the world's edge
dead-end street
autumn and winter
face to face
first quarter
moons bud-swelling
her blouse
layer on layer
old sea levels
rebel yell
Groucho dusts off
his manifesto
word by word
a new beginning
with each sound
earth shadow
a swinging voter
darkens the poll
encircling me
the hiss
of her eyes
sky map app
I end the universe
with a swipe
raid 0
the all or nothing
of our love
waxing moon
harsh reality
loses its edge
plum tree
what is your status
in amber
the lifeless comfort
of the familiar

dilute haiku for the masses

denatured wilderness

slowpoke sun
time's after-shadow
so still
all at once
this pale blue dot
at its end.
winter shelter . . .
plaiting vowels and consonants
against the silence