a reed
in the wind sounding
atonal repenitance

morning mist
the breath of another
seems to appear

my shadow
takes up the space
where i was

amateur hour
while a poet writes
the pine sighs

Kiss of Life
I started breathing early in life and have grown more than a little attached to it. You could say that we are inseparable companions in the same manner as my heart beat and my shadow are inseparable from me although my shadow is somewhat more so.
In my earlier days a latent tuberculosis infection sought to wrest that from me with far less success than later episodes of laryngospasm and more recently asthma.
The wordiness of my earlier writings elude my ability to read them aloud without resorting to frequently audible in-gasps. 
Haiku has offered a solution fitting comfortably with one breath cycle cut sometimes with an in-gasp that can slot within the rhythmic space.
word surfing:
the ebb and flow
of the spirit

just like that
your miracle of being
made no more.

heaven scent in flower flow

love all over the world out of steam

all senses
piercing my brain
with day