March 2015

in autumn light
as if joined at the hip
dervish shadows
twinned for life
the mirror image
of my self
watered down
to my own true face,
moonlit me
moon chill—
spaces once light
mist over
dawn coolness—
the after-birth of words
lichen revises
the 'in memory of'
lest we forget
meat market—
maggot keeps a date
with beauty
form and flesh
fade away with dusk
and maggot's smile
maggot fills out
the moment
maggot communes
with a godhead
war on terror . . .
maggot swears an oath,
out of gods
maggot settles for
room for doubt
by moonlight
maggot curls into
a pearl
maggot rolls over
in disbelief
done with death
maggot rebirths himself
between her thighs
maggot grows fat
on the heart 
of the matter
maggot meet
death takes on a life
of its own
lost for words
maggot fleshes out
the silence
blinded by love
maggot sees only
her inner beauty
lunar eclipse
maggot sheds light
on the crow