Otata 46

  • before dawn

    before dawn

    stillborn day


    a cockroach scuttles

    to a drone attack

    from the glare

  • deep night vigil

    deep night vigil

    sounds within

    a flightless bird

    the sounds without

    rises within

    something slips

  • flitter-winged


    in a blink

    a butterfly beyond

    the beginning of time

    our here & now


  • Otaki Beach

    Otaki Beach

    mythic chant

    the cosmic silence

    stillness roaming about

    roaring within words

    lonely places

  • Silent Live Stream

    Silent Live Stream
    As I stroll along the banks of the Waikanae River, it becomes clear to me that the making of a poem is also the process of translating a pre-verbal phenomenon into an idiom that changes one's perception both of the phenomenon and of the language used to evoke it. Patterning words into poems has become for me an act of language-making that strains towards the unique utterance of what has hitherto been outside the apparent purview of language.
    a mosquito
    what is not yet 
    leaps the length
    pierces my heart
    of our caresses
    with its absence
  • the art of haiku boils down to this

    the art of haiku boils down to this


    a toothless old man

    from the fog

    sucking marrow

    while light dies

    from the skeleton
    of words

  • to be

    to be

    not to be

    of swan-glide

    a tomorrow

    slashed in water

    that never ends

  • vespers

    vespers with

    ancient chants

    breath wisps of

    conjuring faith


    in my own tongue

  • winter ends

    winter ends

    lingering darkness

    my wisps
    of words

    magpies question

    to clouds,
    a bird

    the dawn chorus

  • wolf hour

    wolf hour

    drizzle-drench day

    black swans
    drift between

    cuts in keener

    and non-sleep

    than a sword

  • words

    which embody

    a universe

    very selves

    edging to the precipice

    in screams
    of nowness

    where words
    wave back