Otata 17

  • Enunciations

    Part I
    is this 
    the in-
    of your yes-
    Part II
    with the breath 
    of darkness
    the word
    Part III
    dawn herald
    the wordless prepares
    its nest
    Part IV
    in the East
    a still point escapes
    its birth cry
    the long wait of a falling hush
    maid in silence
    her eyes brighten
    with a word
    Part V
    'fiat lux'
    an empty nest blooms
    full of grace
    a yes word encircles the snake's hiss
    luminous dawn
    night's immensity 
    immanent now
    Part VI
    a call
    quiet enough
    to ignore
    a womb entombing silence
    am o
    am as
    am at
    am en
    Part VII
    in pure water
    a word incarnadine
    by lamp light
    the all fleshing out
    its path 
    Part VIII
    the sound of
    a word barely conceived
    utter sense of being
    enunciating a 'yes'
    bone by bone
    Part IX
    at this hour
    when the word is yet
    to be uttered, its breath
    barely a whisper
    when brooding wings 
    overshadow you
    with a stillness, far beyond 
    any possible eavesdropping
    when your waiting 
    rises to it,
    its mystery
    when, for all time,
    all waiting
    comes down
    to this:
    a sublime silence
    putting its roots down
    into the earth of you
    a cloud
    of unknowing, now,
    so irreversibly
    your flesh
    Part X
    spring awakening
    a hyacinth overflows
    night's immensity