From Triptych by Kala Ramesh, Don Baird, and Hansha Teki, Red Moon Press, 2019

This collaborative book of haiku, by three outstanding contemporary and international voices, has great aspirations: no less than to tell the story of the rise, fall, and recovery of humanity within its 180 pages. Each poet takes up one of these themes: Kala Ramesh paints a picture of the Eden of our origins; Don Baird tells the tale of the Fall; and Hansha Teki suggests possibilities toward our renewal, and that of our planet. The effect is similar to that of the prophets, crying out in the wilderness of men’s folly, with the hope that doing so will inspire a return to the faithful shepherding of our planet and ourselves, wherein a kind of redemption might be possible, and that we might be worthy of it. This is a great deal to ask, of the poets, but also of the reader. They have laid down the challenge. The rest is up to you.