• Haiku 2021

    Haiku 2021
    Edited by by Scott Metz & Lee Gurga  Modern Haiku Press, 2021

    100 notable haiku from 2020 selected by the editors of the award-winning Haiku 21. With an introductory essay by Philip Rowland, editor of NOON: Journal of the Short Poem (Tokyo).

    "Haiku 2021 unfolds as a series of flashes of insight
    and facets of language, a remarkable range
    of minimalist poetic possibilities."

                                           ~Philip Rowland, from the introduction

  • Kernels 1

    Kernels edited by an'ya in May 2013 was the predecessor of cattails.

  • Multiverses 1.1

    Multiverses (edited by John Hawk) did not survive beyond its inaugural issue and is no longer available online. (June 2012)

  • Simply Haiku

    Simply Haiku (edited by Robert D. Wilson & Saša Važić)

  • Triptych

    by Kala Ramesh, Don Baird and Hansha Teki (Red Moon Press, 2019)