Vines #1

  • the eyes of a fly  

    a sparrow alights  
    on the wind blown wire  
    natural harmonics  

    another day teased out  
    to a single note  

    beluga clouds  
    the icy moon sets  
    into the sea   

    a hermit crab scuttles  
    its crumbling shell   

    discarded plastic  
    in the postmortem   
    of a forgotten evening  

    an old salt  
    spins a yarn or two  
    into open wounds  

    and what of the plowshares?  
    we'll learn to love 'the bomb'   

    sickle moon  
    a spy dome deflates  
    at Waihopai  

    a thousand times reflected 
    in the eyes of a fly  

    in alpine snow  
    only the radar ping  
    of a blackbird  

    Clayton Beach / Hansha Teki