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  • a child screams

    a child screams
    "I can't feel my brain"
    moonless sky
  • a sightseer

    a sightseer
    the obvious

  • after Buber

    after Buber
    I and Thou whispering
    in the shadows

  • after the best

    after the best
    of everything
    an overdue notice

  • amateur hour

    amateur hour
    while a poet writes
    the pine sighs

  • an old oak

    an old oak
    turns in its own way
    I in mine
  • autumn rain

    autumn rain . . .
    I write myself out
    of my haiku
  • awake at dawn

    awake at dawn 
    I touchscreen my timeline
    into being
  • behind

    her 'nothing' 


  • between her lips

    between her lips
    the tongue
    I almost mastered

  • chaos theory 2

    Editor's Comment

    In my family, we have had a few physicists. But most of us have heard about chaos theory, right? Suddenly sometimes a plant or animal in nature just changes. Look it up, they don't all 'evolve'. That is the introduction of chaos theory to what seems an otherwise tight string of logic. The image in this haiga has all the attributes of a man-made structure we all know well, but nature has either 'adapted' or 'taken over' that pole from top to bottom. The poet has had an observation and is now left to explore its meaning.Nothing in the image changes, but the poet himself has! Chaotic isn't it?

    - Michael Rehling

  • cicadas

    why so much racket
    are you endangered too?

  • damped down

    damped down
    by unseasonal reign
    failed haiku
  • dazed and confused

    dazed and confused
    our love flies
    like a lead balloon

  • empty room

    empty room –
    I enter the sound
    of my echo
  • Fly Paper - A Flight of Fancy

    no-go zone no flies on him
    as sleep comes the fly
    between chopsticks the fly
    after all eggs to lay the fly
    in the food-court all are the fly
    sometimes verb mostly noun the fly
    his name born in flight the fly
    the fly is patient with your vanity
    waiting on a clock time flies
    eyeing the ointment the fly
    in summer wind the fly blown 
    remembering Issa the fly
    at prayer time the fly
    six carcasses in search of a fly
    breaking down the issue a fly
    before and after love the fly
    speeding through the flight of the bumblebee the fly
    giving life to the feast the fly
    a fly interrupts the music of the spheres
    testing wanton boys the fly
    no flies on him the fly
    splatted in his own reflection the fly
    the fly doesn't believe in swat
    to fly or not to fly the fly
    in flight announcements from the fly
    the fly lays down the last words
    dotting an i the fly
    the fly takes joy from our sorrow
    in communing on the dead the fly knows
    switched to flight mode the fly's cells
    the fly mops up after a drone 
  • getting by

    getting by
    without articles
    bare senryu


  • heart of darkness

    heart of darkness
    my eyes peer into
    the real me

  • hints of war

    hints of war
    another division
    in the ranks


  • I miss the train

    I miss the train
    while listening to
    people get ready

  • in its fullness

    in its fullness
    the moon drowns
    in my son
  • in my image

    in my image the fog of war



  • in spring

    in spring
    the leap from noun
    to verb
  • light repatterns

    light repatterns
    my neural pathways
    through a stream
  • moving sultrily

    moving sultrily
    to a very cellular song
    the blonde sucks me in

  • nagging thirst

    nagging thirst
    as if a cool spring
    would burst forth

  • not yet dead

    not yet dead
    a novelist adjusts
    his dustjacket
  • not yet dead

    not yet dead
    the long lost track
    of my generation

  • nothing

    pleases me 
  • off-shore breeze

    off-shore breeze
    seagulls gather around

  • on edge

    on edge
    my pen tip at odds
    with my words
  • resting its case

    resting its case
    a kangaroo court leaps
    into recess
  • setting sun

  • slim volume

    slim volume
    the poet lives not
    on bread alone

  • snap election

    snap election -
    a politician harvests


  • snapped

    in a selfie
    me no more
  • spring greeting

    spring greeting —
    my echo awaits
    my response

  • the poet

    the poet


    the poet dwells
    at a safe distance
    from words

    the poet
    pussyfoots around
    the utter brink

    the poet paces out
    the sound of space

    the poet
    hot off the press
    goes silent

    the poet goes
    between breaths

    the poet
    pads out
    the silences

    the poet
    lipsynchs his reflection
    in tranquility

    the poet
    skirts the edges
    of relevance

    the poet
    rattles off
    his mortal coil

    the poet at home
    with the loneliness
    of a long-distance runner

    the poet
    scratches the imagined limits
    of his horizons

    the poet
    his nest egg

    the poet
    measures his success
    in tossed panties

    the poet loses
    his daytime job
    to the moon

    the poet quickens
    to the sound
    of his own voice

    the poet
    strikes a pose
    off its pedestal

    the poet
    plays out
    the party line

    the poet weeps
    as sound and sense end
    his abstinence

    the poet
    a moment

    the poet
    loses himself
    in his words

  • turning in

    turning in
    i become as one
    tuning out

  • until her smile

    until her smile
    just a universe
  • waking dream

    waking dream
    my skin prowls my body
    in self-awareness
  • writer's block

    writer's block—
    his reflection hogs
    the limelight
  • writers block

    writers block . . .
    I see a minstrel
    and want to paint it black