Failed Haiku 38

  • Fly Paper - A Flight of Fancy

    no-go zone no flies on him
    as sleep comes the fly
    between chopsticks the fly
    after all eggs to lay the fly
    in the food-court all are the fly
    sometimes verb mostly noun the fly
    his name born in flight the fly
    the fly is patient with your vanity
    waiting on a clock time flies
    eyeing the ointment the fly
    in summer wind the fly blown 
    remembering Issa the fly
    at prayer time the fly
    six carcasses in search of a fly
    breaking down the issue a fly
    before and after love the fly
    speeding through the flight of the bumblebee the fly
    giving life to the feast the fly
    a fly interrupts the music of the spheres
    testing wanton boys the fly
    no flies on him the fly
    splatted in his own reflection the fly
    the fly doesn't believe in swat
    to fly or not to fly the fly
    in flight announcements from the fly
    the fly lays down the last words
    dotting an i the fly
    the fly takes joy from our sorrow
    in communing on the dead the fly knows
    switched to flight mode the fly's cells
    the fly mops up after a drone 
  • resting its case

    resting its case
    a kangaroo court leaps
    into recess
  • setting sun